In a Different Political World, These Are Law

Peter List at has put together a good list of legislation that could become law if the stars align on the left side of the political hemisphere after the November election. One could quibble, but all in all, it’s representative of organized labor’s electoral and then legislative priorities:

  • Employee Free Choice Act (no-vote unionism and binding arbitration 120 days after unionization)
  • Elimination of Right-to-Work states (making all 50 states forced unionization states)
  • Ledbetter Fair Pay Act (eliminates statutes of limitations on pay discrimination claims)
  • Healthy Families Act (mandates seven paid sick days for employers with more than 15 workers)
  • Expanding FMLA to include parenting responsibilities (i.e., parent-teacher conferences) and literacy training
  • Arbitration Fairness Act (eliminates PRE-dispute arbitration agreements)
  • Public Employee-Employer Cooperation Act (unionizes EMS, Fire & Police at the local and state levels)
  • WARN Act expansion to smaller companies
  • ADA Restoration Act (expands the definition of disability)
  • Protecting America’s Workers Act (increases penalties–to include prison time–for employers guilty of “willfully” OSHA)
  • Legalizing undocumented workers…and, of course,
  • Nationalization of America’s Health Care System 

(Hat tip: Jim Gray)

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