Health Care At Risk, Health Care at Play

By September 18, 2008Health Care

NAM President and CEO participated in the America’s Health Care at Risk: Finding a Cure conference in Orlando today, and the Miami Herald has a good report tied to the event,  “Experts debate how economy’s health affects healthcare.” The political analysis kicks it off:

Experts at a major healthcare conference Thursday debated whether severe pressures on the economy may postpone a massive healthcare reform, but many agreed there are plenty of other steps that can be taken to lower costs and improve quality.

”My sense is there are too many knives flying through the air right now,” longtime Democratic consultant James Carville said in an interview Wednesday night.

He believes America needs a huge reform ”because each of us is one disease away from financial disaster. But the bailout of AIG for $85 billion, $5.3 trillion to pay for mortgages” will sap a lot of energy and money out of the federal government. He thinks healthcare reform will have to wait for a “better economy.”

Karl Rove, a longtime conservative strategist, disagreed. He said the Republican healthcare reforms, helping the uninsured with tax credits, didn’t need Washington money to work. ”I think it’s very sell-able,” he said of the proposals of presidential candidate John McCain in an interview Wednesday night.

Verizon’s Ivan Seidenberg and Gov. Charlie Christ also spoke, and Gov. Engler put in a plug for Health IT.

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