From One Storm to Another

By September 18, 2008Energy

The troubles of Wall Street have pushed most of the Hurricane Ike developments off the front page and first 15 minutes on network, but obviously much is happening, especially as it affects the U.S. energy industry and energy consumers (everyone, that is).

The American Petroleum Institute is closely following developments. Two podcasts of note:

Oil is still bouncing around $100 a barrel. This AFP take emphasizes the current jump in price, but would anyone have though even $102 was possible before Ike struck Texas and Louisiana? “LONDON (AFP) — Oil prices rose sharply for a second day running Thursday, bouncing above 102 dollars, as the US currency fell after major central banks further boosted liquidity on financial markets.”


A Sculpture Down by the Sea   [Jay Nordlinger]

In my Impromptus yesterday, I recalled my only visit to Galveston, two years ago. I said I had been moved by the memorial to the storm victims — the victims of the Great Storm of 1900, which killed more than 6,000 people. This memorial was sculpted by David W. Moore, depicting a family: father, mother, and child.

Anyway, several readers wrote me to say that the memorial did not survive Ike, over the weekend. I’m glad I saw it. I’m glad there are pictures. It’s not every work of art that sort of gets under your skin, as this one did. 

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