Friday Follies: Riding the Storm Out

By September 5, 2008Friday Follies

Tropical storm Hanna is due in the D.C. area tomorrow, bringing wind, rain and exaggerated news reports. A few pre-storm observations:

  • People are definitely stocking up. Went into the CVS, and the shelves had been completely emptied of Bombast, Self-Importance and Feigned Sincerity. At least there was some Spin left.
  • The single best German word is the verb for “to hoarde”: Hamsterkaufen, to buy like a hamster (evoking the cheek pouches). First heard it in connection with the East Germans jerking around free movement in Berlin. Better a tropical storm. 
  • South Carolina will feel some of Hanna’s pique (that’s one level below a hurricane’s “wrath”). Did you know the South Carolina Commissioner of Agriculture’s name is Hugh Weathers
  • Apparently to save electricity in case of power outages, the D.C. Metro will turn off most of the system’s escalators. But how will we tell the difference?
  • In the Hobbesian state of nature into which Chevy Chase will descend, years of self-defense lessons will finally pay off. The Brazilian martial arts system of “Copacabana” was until just recently very popular around here, until this fight appeared on YouTube. So that’s who bought up all the Self-Importance.
  • Finally, an unrelated happy 79th birthday to Bob Newhart. He’s playing the Warner Theater just down the street from NAM HQ tonight. Class act.

UPDATE (11:30 a.m.): The latest report from the Virginia Pilot. 65 mph winds? That’s just a weekend blow on the Oregon coast.

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