For the Next Administration, Nuclear

By September 10, 2008Energy, Infrastructure

With all the efforts being made on behalf of expanded domestic energy production, especially OCS oil and gas, we’ve been letting the nuclear sector slip a little in terms of attention. But many good things are happening in what must be a key industry in ensuring an adequate, affordable supply of baseload power.

NEI Nuclear Notes is always a good place for updates, like this one:

A $200 billion pool to finance and drive private investment in carbon-free energy infrastructure is one cornerstone of a comprehensive action plan that the next U.S. president should implement in his first 100 days to secure America’s energy supplies, the Council on Competitiveness said in a report [PDF] issued today.

A “clean energy bank,” modeled after the U.S. Export/Import Bank, would provide financing for the development of energy solutions that avoid, reduce or sequester carbon as well as supporting infrastructure. Among the options: nuclear, renewable and biofuels.

Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson, president of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and chair of the Council’s Energy Security, Innovation and Sustainability Initiative, said jumpstarting energy infrastructure investments is the “unaddressed element to date to transforming our energy sector.” Absent the investment stimulus needed to build nuclear power plants, renewable projects and infrastructure such as a “smart” electric grid, U.S. energy policy will continue to languish, Jackson said.

Other recent headlines:

And they keep a good watch on the politicking and positions on nuclear energy of the major candidates.

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