Celebrating Passage of the ADA Amendments Act

By September 17, 2008Human Resources

A rally on Capitol Hill brought together business, disability advocates and members of Congress today to celebrate the passage and expected signing of S. 3406, the ADA Amendments Act.

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer observed:

By passing this bill, we have ensured that the definition of “disability” will be construed fairly and broadly. And we have brought millions of our fellow-citizens, who were previously shut out, back where they belong, and back where we need them: under the ADA’s protection.

Together, we have made up a coalition as broad and deep as the one that passed the ADA 18 years ago. We are members of the disability community, struggling for fair and equal treatment; business groups, eager for new pools of talent; and leaders of both parties.

Together, with the passage of this bill, we have brought one step closer the American promise of full inclusion, for all.

NAM’s chief operating officer, LeAnne Wilson, also spoke. Excerpt:

The National Association of Manufacturers is proud to have helped shape this landmark legislation that represents a true collaboration between the employer and disability communities.

Just as importantly, we have shown there is a path for non-traditional allies to come together in today’s political environment to craft legislation to meet the workforce needs of America’s employers.

As a result of our collaborative efforts, all parties recognized that we are working towards the same goal — to secure the promise of the ADA. Once this goal was established, we worked to carefully craft language to strike just the right balance between the needs of employers and the needs of those with disabilities.

The NAM’s news release.

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