Card Check: Daily Roundup

By September 26, 2008General, Labor Unions

There is a lot of good news and commentary out there on the misnamed Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA), organized labor’s attempt to eliminate secret ballot elections in the workplace.

  • New information from the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry shows that EFCA is a losing issue in Louisiana. The poll, performed by Southern Media & Opinion Research, points out that the majority of likely voters in Louisiana, like other national trends, oppose the misnamed Employee Free Choice Act. The results of the poll show voters in the Pelican State strongly reject the EFCA, with 74% of likely voters preferring to maintain the current process for forming a union that uses private ballots, and 65% of likely voters oppose the EFCA which would replace secret ballots with a “card check” system that exposes workers to coercion when making the important decision of whether to form a union. The findings of this poll are consistent with the findings of a similar poll performed by the NAM through the Coalition for a Democratic Workplace by McLaughlin & Associates earlier this year.
  • John Motley provides a comprehensive overview of the issues surrounding the EFCA in a piece in the National Review. Motley provides perspective on the unusual nature of the card check issue with one of the most liberal Democratic Presidential candidates George McGovern urging his fellow Democrats to oppose the EFCA. This OpEd further explains some the politics behind the legislation. However, the need to defend workers’ right to a private ballot is a non-partisan issue. All political parties should work to defend this important right.
  • The Oregonian’s lone market-minded opinion writer weighs in on the issue with a tough column, that examines what’s at stake in this year’s election by examining card check legislation. The Oregonian’s David Reinhard, points out the bill’s seemingly Orwellian double-speak title. Reinhard sums up the lasting consequences of this proposal:

“And, whether you favor card check or the private ballot, the two presidential candidates’ differences on this one issue could have a profound and tangible impact on American business, labor and politics for years to come.”


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