Card Check: Bernie Marcus and the Mexican Supreme Court

By September 12, 2008Labor Unions

Bernie Marcus, the founder of Home Depot, has emerged as one of the most outspoken and clear opponents of the Employee Free Choice Act, the bill that would end secret-ballot election in the workplace in union organizing campaign. It’s democracy going backwards, Marcus declared on Neil Cavuto’s show this week, day, and business owners should be up in arms. The video is here. Excerpt:

A few years back, I was at McCormick Place setting up a booth for our company. And I was there, and we had to put a lightbulb in the ceiling. Everybody walked off the job. I was putting a lightbulb in and everybody walked off the job. I didn’t unerstand what happened. They said, an electrician has to do it. Two hours later and electrician showed up, screwed in the lightbulb and charged me sixty dollars. Work rules. These are work rules that you can’t live by, and that is even more dangerous than what happens

In other Employee Free Choice Act noticias, the Mexican Supreme Court has ruled that union elections must be conducted via secret ballot. (Spanish-language news release; Google translation.) You may recall that a group of pro-union House Democrats sent a letter in 2001 to officials of the Mexican state of Puebla urging the use of secret ballots. From the letter:


But that’s only for Mexican workers. U.S. workers don’t deserve the same protections, these Representatives contend in supporting the Employee Free Choice Act.

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  • Elaine says:

    Oh come on. Everyone knows why the Dems want to pass a bill that ends secret ballots. They have to do something to repay the unions for the millions and millions of dollars they receive in campaign contributions.

    What better way to do that than allow the unions to coerce and intimidate employers and employees to join a union? Since private-sector union membership has declined to the point the Dems aren’t getting enough contributions from the public-sector employees, they had to come up with a new plan to fill their coffers and this fits the bill.

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