Bottled Water Critique II: Jerry Brown Will Choose for You

By September 11, 2008Energy, Global Warming

From Legal Newsline, “Nestle cancels bottling contract in seek of ‘clean slate’“:

McCLOUD, Calif. (Legal Newsline)-The largest distributor of bottled water has cancelled its contract with the McCloud Community Services District to build a manufacturing plant on the banks of the pristine McCloud River.

In a letter sent via overnight courier to the city on Friday, Nestle’s Executive Vice President and General Counsel Mark Evans wrote that recent changes in the scope and size of the project has led to the decision in the hopes that both sides can “start with a clean slate and build an agreement that reflects the current circumstances.

“We believe that is best that we step out of the existing contract and start a new,” Evans wrote.

The news follows a threat by Attorney General Jerry Brown to sue the bottled water company because of its potential environmental impact on the McCloud River, the amount of fossil fuels required to produce and ship plastic bottles, and the amount of water the existing contract allowed the company to remove from the river each year.

An environmental scold with unlimited ambition and unfettered powers. Jerry Brown knows better than you.

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  • TC says:

    Jerry Brown had damned little to do with Nestle’s abandonment of the contract. Instead, Nestle was driven off their initial contact – negotiated in secret and signed by the McCloud Services District with no public review – because it was ridiculous on its face, and they were taking a beating in the court of public opinion.

    Nestle’s environmental review of the project included a vague, incomplete project description and absolutely zero monitoring or data on the streamflows they’d diminish by tapping into the springs. Nor did it measure the impact of approximately 600 truck trips per day (every day of the year).

    I could go on, but the truth is this was a local’s uprising, not a Jerry Brown moment.

    I know it’s terrible when facts get in the way of a rant, but you’re wrong.

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