A Side-by-Side Comparison on the Financial Stability Plans

By September 28, 2008Economy

Developments. The House convenes at 1 p.m.; floor agenda here. C-SPAN has lots of good video material at its page, The Economy; Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) was on Washington Journal this morning, but the video isn’t up yet.

Mark Tapscott of The Examiner posts a side-by-side comparison of the financial relief plans at his blog, Tapscott’s Copy Desk. It’s based on materials provided by House Republican Whip Roy Blunt’s office.

MarketWatch story, “Final rescue plan expected Sunday

Insider e-mail summaries from Republican insiders at NRO’s The Corner here and here.

Wall Street Journal, with reporting from the early morning (just past midnight) news conference, “Lawmakers Reach Tentative Bailout Deal.”


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