When Your Case is Weak, Distort

By August 21, 2008Trade

Isolationist writer Alan Tonelson has made a career of distorting economic data to convey a false image of U.S. manufacturers abandoning our country for foreign shores. The reality that the United States remains the world’s leading manufacturing country, that we enjoy an immense technological advantage, or that we actually have a trade surplus with free trade agreement nations, has no place in Tonelson’s mythical land of demons and dragons trying to subvert our way of life.

Anyone who doubts Tonelson’s estrangement from reality can allay their doubts by visiting his web site and the post, “Who’s on First?” at the National Association of Manufacturers. Tonelson  tries to get his audience to believe that NAM President John Engler has contradicted himself about implications of China’s manufacturing expansion.

In reality, as Tonelson should know if he did any due diligence at all, Engler was misquoted in The Financial Times and the editors afforded him an opportunity to state his real position. If you missed the FT retraction on September 18, you will find it on the NAM home page (www.nam.org) along with the Engler commentary.

Tonelson is entitled to his own opinions, but not to misrepresent the opinions of others.

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