Voters: Energy? Bring It On

By August 21, 2008Energy, Global Warming

The Wall Street Journal releases a poll in a story it headlines, “Voters Want Everything on Energy

When asked whether expanding areas for drilling for oil off coastal states was a step in the right direction, 63% said it was, with 44% saying it would accomplish “a great deal.” Only 27% said that allowing more drilling off coastal states was a step in “the wrong direction.”

Asked about building more nuclear plants, 53% said it was a step in the right direction. Thirty-one percent said it was a step “in the wrong direction.”

“Voters are telling us they want everything,” said Neil Newhouse, a Republican who conducts the poll with Democrat Peter D. Hart.

Everything except maybe this…The Empire State Building could host a wind turbine under Bloomberg's plan.

That’s the photo illustration the New York Post used with its story on Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s latest musings on NYC’s energy future, “BREEZY DOES IT: BLOOMBERG

“I think it would be a thing of beauty if, when Lady Liberty looks out on the horizon, she not only welcomes new immigrants but lights their way with a torch powered by an ocean wind farm,” the mayor said in the closing speech of the National Clean Energy Summit.

Bloomberg has been warning for months that Washington has its head in the sand when it comes to energy and that the nation needs a multipronged approach – everything from nuclear to geothermal initiatives – to reduce its dependence on foreign oil.

“Perhaps companies will want to put wind farms atop our bridges and skyscrapers,” he said.


Albeit subject to spoofing, Bloomberg’s general arguments for a wide variety of energy sources were reasonable enough. But rather than making the case for wind turbines on bridges, perhaps his political capital could be spent more productively, such as in making the case for an extension of the Indian Point nuclear-power facility’s license that other New York politicians oppose on numerous fronts. Indian Point provides power to the subway system. You don’t want that to go dark, do you?

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