Using Trade, Lower Tariffs as an Environmental Strategy

By August 28, 2008Energy, Global Warming, Trade

From Logistics Management, “Coalition pushes for more awareness, removal of tariffs on environmental goods“:

The Coalition for Environmental Trade Agreement hopes to continue the momentum generated earlier in the month behind the Environmental Goods and Services Agreement (EGSA) and ensure that trade and tariff regulations don’t get in the way of climate change possibilities.

The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) created the coalition in August after agreement talks in the World Trade Organization fell apart. Not wanting the EGSA to fall by the wayside, the coalition was formed to raise awareness of the agreement and expand the list of products it would affect and ultimately get it passed.

The formation of this group (news release here) may have slipped some people’s attention during the summer slumber, so the story from Logistics Management is a useful reminder.  More…


For logistics and supply chain professionals, fewer tariffs and barriers will mean more trade and business activity. The breaking down of barriers for services could also open up new doors for material handlers.


“Increased trade of any kind would benefit that sector,” NAM trade policy director Doug Goudie said, “specifically on the services side.” 

Ken Alfred of the Ohio Fuel Cell Coalition said basic economics dictates that lower prices on goods like fuel-cell powered and hybrid lift trucks will increase demand.

“Free trade is almost always a good thing,” he said.

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