Sarah Palin as McCain’s Pick for Vice President

By August 29, 2008Energy

We do not have an NAM voting record to post for Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, obviously, and are really aware only of her strong record in support for domestic energy development. (Although there might be a little institutional leaning toward governors around here, too.)  On economic issues, we’re heartened by Larry Kudlow’s praise for her, as Larry is an avid, tireless, smart, good supporter of the U.S. manufacturing economy and global competitiveness. Here’s what Kudlow said this a.m. at National Review Online:

McCain-Palin? I’ll Be Thrilled [Larry Kudlow]

If the rumors about Sarah Palin are true, I will be thrilled. She’s been my first choice all along. She’s a strong pro-life, supply-side, drill-drill-drill-ethics reformer who has worked hard to change the Ted Stevens culture-of-corruption problem in Alaska. A cheap-shot Democratic legislative investigation of Palin appeared to slow her momentum down a few weeks ago. But John McCain would electrify everyone if this choice pans out.

Here and here are the transcripts of my most recent interviews with Gov. Palin on K&C.

Palin: Alaskans are frustrated because there is opposition in Congress to developing our vast amount of natural resources. We want to contribute more to the rest of the United States. We want to help secure the United States, and help us get off this reliance of foreign sources of energy.

It’s a very nonsensical position we’re in right now. We send President Bush and Secretary (of Energy Sam) Bodman overseas to ask the Saudis to ramp up production of crude oil so that hungry markets in America can be fed, (and) your sister state in Alaska has those resources. But these lands are locked up by Congress, and we are not allowed to drill to the degree America needs the development.

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