Russian Attack on Georgia Highlights Cybersecurity

By August 11, 2008Miscellaneous

From Computer World:

Hackers, perhaps affiliated with a well-known Russian criminal network, have attacked and hijacked Web sites belonging to Georgia, the former Soviet republic now in the fourth day of war with Russia, a security researcher claimed on Sunday.

Some Georgian government and commercial sites are unavailable, while others may have been hijacked, said Jart Armin, a researcher who tracks the notorious Russian Business Network (RBN), a malware and criminal hosting network.

“Many of Georgia’s Internet servers were under external control from late Thursday,” Armin said early Saturday in an entry on his Web site.

More from the blog, Wilmette:

Russia and Georgia are at war, and the war includes Russia’s hacking and/or taking down Georgia’s official government websites. In one of the most unusual and creative uses of blogger, the Google blogging platform that hosts this blog and perhaps one million more, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Government of Georgia is using blogspot as its method of communicating with the world. You can click here to see the government blog, which is available at There is a complete list of the military actions taken by Russia. Some of the earlier information also appears on the English version of the website of the President of Poland at the request of the President of Georgia.

President Bush has scheduled a White House press event on the Russian invasion of Georgia for 5:15 p.m. tonight.

(Hat tip: Michelle Malkin.)

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