Returning Production to the U.S. from China

By August 9, 2008Economy, Trade

On the cusp of a trend or maybe already a trend, more and more media outlets are reporting stories like this one, chronicling the return to the United States of manufacturing from China in reaction to rising transportation and labor costs.

From The Los Angeles Business Journal:

Eight years ago Scott Magardichian joined the exodus of American manufacturers setting up shop in low-cost China. This year, he’s at the unlikely vanguard of business owners returning to U.S. shores.

Magardichian, chief executive of polyethylene bag manufacturer American Poly Bag Inc., is adding employees and increasing production at the company’s Azusa headquarters – at the same time he’s cutting back at his Shanghai factory.

It’s an action he never figured he would take.

Quality control is always an issue.

The Washington Times wrote about the phenomenon in late July, “‘Made in the USA’ Starts to Make a Return.”

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