No New Energy, Anywhere

By August 19, 2008Energy, Global Warming, Trade

Seems like the big economic news in Canada was happening in Atlanta yesterday. Or at least being reported from there (see posts below here and here).

From the Globe and Mail:  

CALGARY AND OTTAWA — Three groups have quit a government-sponsored forum for assessing environmental costs in the oil sands, a move that undercuts government efforts to burnish the image of the massive developments in U.S. markets.

The latest flare-up between the Alberta government and environmental activists came as federal Industry Minister Jim Prentice sought to reassure an international audience that the oil sands are being developed in a responsible way and are critical to U.S. energy security.

“Developing our oil sands has had its environmental challenges, but we’ve come a long way,” he told an Americas Competitiveness Forum.

The story notes that anti-energy environmentalists in Canada have gained support in the U.S. Congress for their campaign against the oil sands. (See this story about the ban on U.S. government purchases of the oil.)

In Atlanta, Industry Minister Jim Prentice reminded the U.S. attendees of the Americas Competitiveness Forum that Canada has been the No. 1 energy exporter to the United States since 1999 and claims 14 percent of the world’s oil reserves. (Ottawa Citizen story.)

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