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By August 13, 2008Briefly Legal

From the South Carolina Trial Lawyers Association, a news release on the group’s marketing efforts.

COLUMBIA, SC – The South Carolina Trial Lawyers Association (SCTLA) announced today they have a new name. Now called the South Carolina Association for Justice (SCAJ), the name change is intended to reflect their new, broader mission and better represent the purpose of the organization.

From the group’s new executive director, Mike Hemlepp:

Dear Fellow Trial Lawyers:

I call you “Trial Lawyers” because that’s what we are! And we are the South Carolina Association for Justice because that is what trial lawyers do best; we seek justice for the most deserving members of society against those who put profits over people’s rights and safety.

The South Carolina Medical Association is made up of doctors who ably practice medicine. The South Carolina Educational Association is made of teachers who tirelessly educate. Association names describe what their members stand for and what they do. We stand for the courageous pursuit of justice.

Justice and really big boats.

P.S. Counting from the list at the national Association of Justice’s website (with an url), we see that South Carolina will make it 19 state associations now calling themselves “Association for Justice” or the like. Twenty-four still go by names with “trial lawyers” in them.

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