In Las Vegas, Sen. Reid Sponsors an Energy Summit

By August 18, 2008Energy, Global Warming

From the Senator’s webpage:

On Tuesday, August 19, Nevada Senator Harry Reid will partner with the Center for American Progress Action Fund and UNLV to host the National Clean Energy Summit at UNLV. This summit will bring together major industry leaders, scientists, policy experts, and elected officials including former President Bill Clinton to define an agenda that accelerates the development of renewable energy, energy-efficiency technologies and robust clean energy markets throughout the nation and world.

The Summit’s objective is to define consensus ideas and principles that participants can carry to the parties’ political conventions and into the next presidential administration. As Senator Reid has maintained that the nation cannot drill its way out the current energy crisis, he believes Nevada can be the world leader in clean renewable energy, drawing upon its vast solar, wind and geothermal resources to provide clean, stable power while creating thousands of jobs for our state’s economy. For more information on the summit click here . Read more on Reid’s efforts to promote renewable energy in Nevada and across America.

The cosponsoring Center for American Progress appear not at all consensus-oriented, unless by “consensus” you mean no fossil fuels.

Where We Stand on Energy and the Environment

CAP is pioneering progressive, 21st century policy proposals to transform our nation and our economy in ways that protect the global environment, boost global prosperity, and create sustainable sources of clean energy to reduce the world’s reliance on dirty, carbon-based energy. Our low-carbon policy priorities encourage comprehensive upgrades in the efficiency of energy production and consumption as well as environmentally safe and sustainable energy diversification. And our commitment to sound scientific energy and environmental technology innovation exemplifies progressive ideals and pragmatism at work.

The Center for American Progress also advocates a cap-and-trade system of heavy taxation and regulation to restrict emissions of carbon dioxide.

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