How Business, Markets are Portrayed

News items about the “morally questionable” in today’s Washington Post:

From “The TV Column“:

“Better Off Ted” is an office comedy about a man named Ted, though you’d probably figured that out already, who, ABC says, is successful but morally conscious even though he runs the R&D department at the “morally questionable” Veridian Technologies. Veridian is the developer of suicidal turkeys and edible metal, and hilarity ensues. Jay Harrington is Ted, and Portia de Rossi is Veronica, his superhuman boss.”

University’s Plans for Milton Friedman Institute Spark Outcry“:

“CHICAGO, Aug. 27 — Plans by the University of Chicago to establish a research institute named after legendary free-market economist Milton Friedman have caused an uproar at the school on the city’s South Side.

More than 100 tenured faculty members have signed letters and a petition opposing the institute, which would be paid for by private donations and would conduct research in economics, medicine, public policy and law. Critics say that they are concerned the institute will be a partisan, elitist organization and that it shouldn’t be under the auspices of a university.


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