Friday Follies: I’ve Got a Secret, John Cale Playing Erik Satie

By August 29, 2008Friday Follies

Not a ha-ha Friday Follies, but still amusing to at least one Garry Moore fan…

I’ve Got a Secret,” now that was a show, back when celebrities were familiar with fine arts, popular arts and even the avant garde.

John Cale — Mr. X on the right — went on to play viola  with the ’60s demimondic Velvet Underground (ridiculous Andy Warhol “Factory” staging here) and then ventured into more traditional piano and orchestral performances. More on the 1963 TV performance here.

For more manufacturing-related “I’ve Got a Secret” clips, here’s Philo T. Farnsworth, inventor of the TV, and computer/keyboard inventor Ray Kurzweil. Henry Morgan gets Kurzweil’s secret right away.

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