Friday Follies: If the Smurfs Are United

By August 8, 2008Friday Follies

Missed a few Friday Follies here the last couple of weeks, trying to be more eco-conscious since Al Gore visited Washington. Every embedded video kills a polar bear, you know.

But, well, how can you not post Smurf-related material, polar bears notwithstanding? Reviewing the British pop charts from three decades ago this month, August, 1978, we see that Father Abraham and the Smurfs were ranked No. 12 for the light-hearted, puppet-enhanced “Smurf Song.”

Perfect Euro-novelty song, accented English and sing-along chorus.

And such a funny juxtaposition, ranked right below  the tough, punk-angry, oh man it’s tough, “If the kids are united” by the aggressively rockin’ Sham 69. Part of that punk explosion.

Funny thing, though. Not a punk song at all. It’s a perfect Euro-novelty song, accented English and sing along chorus. So disillusioning.

UPDATE: From the Telegraph: “In 2005, Tony Blair chose to walk on to the Labour conference platform to the sound of Sham 69’s If the Kids are United.” Which proves the point.

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