Export-Driven Resurgence with Ohio Manufacturers

By August 4, 2008Trade

Interesting story this a.m. on NPR’s Morning Edition, highlighting the value of exports to the U.S. manufacturing economy, “Some Cleveland Firms Buoyed By Dollar Drop“:

 Superior Products Inc. makes gas fittings — valves for oxygen tanks and the like — and as the dollar has lost value against other currencies, Superior’s products have become more competitive in price. This despite the fact that the Cleveland-based company pays 40 percent more for the raw materials it uses to make its products.

CEO Don Mottinger says he’s seen an increase in orders for his company’s products, and Vice President Greg Gens agrees that the company is having a good year.

“When we go overseas now, a dollar-denominated price is something much more competitive — if you are competing against companies that are selling in euros, for instance,” Gens says. “So there is an advantage as we set up and try to get product into Europe or Southeast Asia.”

Originally reported at WCPN, the public radio station in Cleveland, which on Tuesday profiles the career of Sam Cooke. And that’s good, too.

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