Engler on Energy, Labor Issues

By August 22, 2008Energy, Labor Unions

From BisNow and its online publication that focuses on trade associations, an interview with several association presidents, including the NAM’s John Engler. The interlocutor is Marc Fleischaker, Chairman of the Arent Fox law firm.

Marc: What’s your top issue, Governor?

John: The U.S. needs access to greater energy supply, but at the same time we think energy security requires a comprehensive strategy that includes future innovations. Growth is going to take more power and places like northern Virginia are getting perilously close to running out. It’s been interesting to see how the public opinion is shifting-it’s far out in front of Congress.

Marc: Any issues being neglected?

John: Probably the greatest threat to American competitiveness is looming in the form of this elimination of the secret ballot for unionizing employees. Fine people want to be part of a union, but a secret ballot lets employees vote their true feelings.

Others participating in the roundtable were David Rehr of the 8,300-member National Association of Broadcasters and Marion Blakey of the Aerospace Industry Association.


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