Energy Hitting Michigan Manufacturers

By August 21, 2008Energy, Global Warming

There should really be a lot more stories like this one, localized by every paper in the country. From the Western Michigan Business Review, “Energy prices hurt now, may help manufacturing later“:

High energy costs are putting pressure on manufacturers. Few may talk on the record about specific effects on their companies, but they are talking to manufacturing councils and economic development agencies.

“We’ve been dealing more with the high material costs due to energy prices,” said Jim Ross, vice president of innovation and technical services for Right Place Inc. in Grand Rapids.

“The supply chain folks have not seen prices this bad ever before, and it was bad during the hurricanes and other times in the past,” Ross said. “Energy is probably the leading cause of some of those rising costs.”

The story also cites Rep. Fred Upton (R-MI), who reports that DTE Chairman and CEO Anthony Earley warned him of rolling brownouts across the state as soon as 2015 unless new generating plants are built.

As for the “may help manufacturing later”… Well, that’s an awful speculative piece of the story, based on passage of legislation to encourage carbon sequestration in Michigan, which has good geological formations for storing CO2.

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