Cool Stuff Being Made: Chamberlain Manufacturing

America’s national security combines man and machine, or as in today’s feature, personnel and projectile. In this week’s “Cool Stuff Being Made” video, we get a tour of the Chamberlain Ammunition manufacturing facility, contract operator for the Scranton Army Ammunition Plant. Robert Mitvalsky, Operations Director, walks us through the manufacturing of a 120 millimeter mortar round for the Army — the process goes from smelting to machining to coating to testing.

PCNTV, which provides the video, tells us more about the plant:

During the Vietnam War, this Scranton facility produced almost every 175 millimeter shell used by the Armed forces. Today, the ammunition plant specializes in 155 millimeter and 8-inch projectiles.

The Scranton plant was established in the early 50s by the U.S. Army in the former rail shops of the Erie Lackawanna Railroad. The plant was equipped with steel billet heating furnaces, heavy forging presses, heat treating, machining, and painting equipment. Since its inception, it has been operated under contract with the U.S. Army, by private contractors.


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