Cool Stuff Being Made: Bansner’s Ultimate Rifles

As you plan your next hunting trip to Montana or Mongolia, please remember to start in Adamstown, Pennsylvania, home of Bansner’s Ultimate Rifles — manufacturer of highly accurate, custom-made, big game rifles.

In this week’s video, Mark Bansner highlights some the detail-focused smithing, from finishing the barrel to manufacturing the stock to assembly.

We won’t pretend to know much of anything about precision rifles, but this still strikes as pretty darn impressive — the description of the “Ultimate One” rifle:

  • Bansner’s Custom S/S Action – Spiral Fluted Bolt Body
  • Lilja Precision Stainless Steel Barrel Fluted by Bansners, Your Choice of Caliber and Barrel Contour.
  • Jewell Trigger Tuned to 2 1/2 lbs.
  • Bansner’s “Slim -Line” Muzzle Brake with Thread Cap
  • Talley Custom Q.D. Bases and Rings (1″ or 30mm)
  • ALL Metal Coated with our Durable Polymer ‘Ti’ K-Kote Metal Finish
  • High Tech Specialties, Inc. – Fiberglass Synthetic Stock, Fully Pillar Bedded, Free Floated for
  • Unsurpassed Accuracy, Pachmayr Decelerator Pad Installed and Fitted to your Length of Pull, Your
  • Choice of Custom Textured Paint. Stocks available with or without cheekpiece or “Sheep Hunter” model.

To the fine people at Pennsylvania Cable Network, who supply the videos, we say, “Thanks and good hunting!”

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