Competitiveness Forum, an Atlanta Report

By August 18, 2008Trade

More tomorrow. For now, a post reporting on a touch of deserved boosterism from Atlanta Journal-Constitution blogger Maria Saporta.

[Commerce Secretary] Gutierrez introduced the three heads of state who were in Atlanta for the conference: Alvaro Colom Caballeros, president of Guatemala; Elias Antonio Saca Gonzalez, president of El Salvador; and Alvaro Uribe Velez, president of Colombia.

“We have presidents of three countries today, three democratically-elected leaders, discussing what they are doing and will be doing to increase the competitiveness in their region,” Gutierrez said.


Sam Williams, president of the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, said that having the three presidents come to the city “heightens the caliber of the conference.” He said he was impressed with how candid the presidents were in “addressing issues at the core of challenges to competitiviness such as bringing down corruption.”

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