Card Check: You Can Drown in Torrents of Organizing

By August 27, 2008Labor Unions

James Taranto of the Wall Street Journal and Best of the Web Today  reports from a panel discussion out in Denver, a forum sponsored by the Campaign for America’s Future:

One of the participants was David Bonior, who served as a congressman from Michigan for a quarter century and Democratic whip for 12 years before retiring in 2003. Bonior now heads a group called American Rights at Work. Although the name sounds like “right to work,” it is actually a pro-union outfit.

Bonior was making the case for “card check,” a regime that would eliminate secret balloting on whether to organize a workplace, thereby making it easier for unions to impose themselves. Card-check passed the House but was stopped by a Senate filibuster. Bonior urged his audience to work for Democratic Senate candidates in states like Maine and Mississippi, where Republican incumbents are favored but not prohibitively.

If card-check passes, Bonior claims, it will set off “a torrent of organizing like my father saw in the 1940s. . . . The progressive movement will not only be in ascendancy–we will be on rockets.” This, he says, will result in “universal health care,” an expansion of civil liberties and “an end to this rotten war that these monsters have created in Washington.”

Taranto notes that Bonior went on a Saddam-excusing trip to Baghdad in 2002 and rightfully objects to the former Congressman calling elected U.S. officials monsters. Meanwhile, we’re certainly not enthusiastic about the prospects of a progressive movements on rockets, targeting freedoms.

In related “America is a lousy place and we’re all suffering” news, American Rights at Work has launched a new ad campaign promoting the Employee Free Choice Act, which is a legislative attack on American rights at work. Guess they want to keep the Orwellian rhetoric consistent.

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