Card Check: Taking the Message to Colorado

The Coalition for a Democratic Workplace has begun running educational TV spots in Colorado about the grotesquely named Employee Free Choice Act. From the news release:

As thousands of people descend on Denver, Colorado for the Democratic National Convention this week, the Coalition for a Democratic Workplace (CDW) is putting the importance of protecting worker privacy on the national agenda.  As part of its ongoing public education campaign, CDW today released a new television ad that identifies the positions of former Representatives Bob Schaffer and Mark Udall, Colorado U.S. Senate candidates, on private ballots in the workplace and the misnamed Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA). …[snip]

“With Denver being at the epicenter of political attention this week, we wanted to take the opportunity to inform Coloradans that the ability for workers to cast their vote in private is at stake,” said Brian Worth with the Coalition for a Democratic Workplace.   “Union bosses are working overtime and spending tens of millions of dollars to get card check passed.  We’re going to work equally hard to educate people about the threat to private ballots in union organizing elections.”

Meanwhile at an SEIU brunch, celebrities expressed their support for card check by soaking in their own celebrityness. Clive Crook at The Atlantic reports:

At a brunch co-hosted by the Service Employees International Union and the Creative Coalition–a “nonpartisan (what?) social and public policy advocacy organization”–Spike Lee, Ellen Burstyn, Matthew Modine, Alan Cumming, Barry Levinson, and a somewhat familiar-looking actress who plays a nurse on television looked on earnestly as Danny Glover called for social justice and enactment of the Employee Free Choice Act.

Danny Glover? He’s not really a believable defender of democratic rights for the worker, is he?

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