Card Check: More from Bernie Marcus

By August 27, 2008Labor Unions

Home Depot’s founder, Bernie Marcus, wrote a call to arms for business against card check in the Wall Street Journal yesterday, “Bad Labor Law Is a Path to Economic Ruin.”

Marcus then appeared on CNBC discussing the legislation, a very good nine-minute segment. Inspirational quote: “I’m not against a union, but this is the most anti-democratic bill I’ve ever seen in my life. How they have the chutzpah to try to put this bill through is beyond me.”

Marcus says too few CEOs know about the legislation, but hopefully they’re waking up.

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  • If you have a summation in a few hundred words that we could post, we would like to look at it.

    I believe that it is the teachers’ unions that have hurt education in this country.

    Rense Johnson, Chairman
    Citizens for Term LImits

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