Capitol, It Fails Us Now

Gangs, gangs, gangs. First we had the Gang of 14 on Senate confirmation of judicial nominees. Now we have the Gang of 10, a bipartisan group of Senators trying to reach a politically palatable package to increase domestic energy production by opening up additional regions of the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Coasts to oil and natural gas production while raising taxes on the oil companies. One newspaper has dubbed a bipartisan House group pushing coal-to-gas liquefaction the Gang of 22.

Perhaps one of the groups will become embroiled in a scandal, which we can then call “GangGate” — the perfect Washington cliche.

In any case, with the Beijing Olympics soon under way, it might be worthwhile recalling the murderous Gang of Four, the Chinese communist leaders who directed the Cultural Revolution. So strange that ad hoc political coalitions here in the United States would choose to name themselves after vanguards of totalitarian destruction.

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