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By August 20, 2008Energy

National Journal, Poll Track, “Energy Consensus: ‘All of the Above’“:

Quinnipiac pollsters found that most Americans support nearly every measure that’s been put on the table to address the energy crisis. A majority of respondents support domestic drilling, whether it’s offshore or in Alaska’s national wildlife refuge (62 percent and 51 percent, respectively). On top of that, nearly 60 percent said they favor building new nuclear power plants, and an overwhelming 87 percent support government-funded programs to develop renewable energy. The only proposal that didn’t garner majority support was releasing oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve; still, 45 percent supported this measure as well.

WSJ editorial, “Democrats and Drilling“:

It took a few months, and more than a few polls, but Democrats have concluded that they’ve lost the debate against more oil-and-gas drilling. The surrender became official on Saturday, when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that even she was ready to “consider opening portions” of the Outer Continental Shelf to oil exploration.

That’s great news, assuming she and her fellow Democrats really mean it. It wasn’t too many days ago that the anticarbon Speaker lampooned drilling as “a hoax on the American people,” while Barack Obama called it “another Washington gimmick.” Now the Democratic Presidential candidate has also said he might be willing to change his mind and tolerate the exploitation of domestic energy resources. The good news for converts like Ms. Pelosi and Mr. Obama is that they have immediate opportunities to quiet Republicans and other skeptics and prove their new pro-drilling bona fides.

WSJ, Political Diary, “The Energy Policy End“:

Smart Republicans like Jim DeMint of South Carolina and Jeb Hensarling of Texas are starting to recognize their party holds the ultimate trump card in the current energy debate. In 41 days, the long-imposed moratorium on offshore oil drilling and domestic oil shale production is set to expire — gone. This happens automatically and can be stopped only if Congress votes to re-establish the ban. Lifting the moratorium might free up as much as 100 years’ worth of oil and gas for domestic consumption.

CQPolitics, “Senior House Democrat Wants Ban on U.S. Oil Exports“:

The head of the House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming is calling on the White House to halt all exports of U.S. oil. “Sending America’s vital energy resources overseas during our time of need should stop,” wrote Edward J. Markey , D-Mass., to President Bush on Tuesday.

The letter comes in response to repeated calls by Bush and Republicans in Congress to lift longstanding bans on offshore oil drilling, an idea gaining political traction in a time of record energy prices. Markey is part of a core of Democrats, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California, who adamantly oppose lifting the drilling bans.

Associated Press, “Hatch touts need for oil shale“:

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) – U.S. Sen. Orrin Hatch is telling Utah state lawmakers that Western oil shale reserves need to be tapped to help get gas prices under control.

A legislative committee asked Hatch and fellow Utah Republican Rep. Rob Bishop to explain why the country is facing an energy crisis.

Hatch says Democrats have adopted an energy policy that he contends is in line with extreme environmentalists and that’s limiting the country’s oil supply.

He says a moratorium on drilling for oil shale on federal land in Utah, Colorado and Wyoming needs to be lifted.



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