And in Canada, More Energy from the Bakken

By August 15, 2008Energy

From the Regina Leader-Post, a wonderful story and headline, “Striking it rich.”

REGINA — Saskatchewan pulled in $242.7 million from the August sale of Crown petroleum and natural gas rights, adding to the province’s already record-smashing 2008.

Monday’s sale was the second-best single land sale ever, bringing the year-to-date revenue from land sales to a record $848.1 million, according to figures released Thursday.

Nearly 90 percent of the August sales came from the Weyburn-Estevan area across the North Dakota border, site of the Bakken oil play.

Meanwhile, Saskatchewan is also starting development of the province’s oil sands.

More from the Globe and Mail:

VANCOUVER — British Columbia and Saskatchewan raked in a combined haul of $745-million in land rights yesterday, strengthening their claims as the hottest exploration zones in the country and edging Alberta into third place.

While Alberta, anchored by the oil sands, remains Canada’s energy king, the province is being left behind as companies race to open new oil and natural gas frontiers. For the first time, it looks like Alberta will not take in the most money this year for new exploration rights and may actually finish third behind Saskatchewan.

An ascendant Saskatchewan represents quite an economic, social and political change for Canada.

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