A Night of Workplace Grievances at the Democratic Convention

Top union officials are on today’s Democratic convention schedule in Denver as well as people who have complaints about employers, the economy and unfairness. The day has been given the theme, “Renewing America’s Promise,” but we’d guess grievances will predominate.

Especially prominent, scheduled right before the keynote address from Virginia Senate candidate Mark Warner:

Lily Ledbetter
Her actions against Goodyear Tire led to the passage of the Fair Pay Restoration Act

Her first name is actually spelled Lilly, and the bill has only passed the House. But accuracy is less important than narrative at big political events.

In any case, it’s important to know that the legislation proposed to rectify the pay discrimination that Ms. Ledbetter alleged would remove ALL statutes of limitations in workplace discrimination complaints. Twenty years after the fact? You could still sue, even if all the other witnesses were dead. (The House passed H.R. 2831, the Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, by a 225-199 vote on July 31, 2007, but it was stopped in the Senate on the failure to invoke cloture.)

This “solution” actually increases the possibility of employment discrimination, in that there would be an incentive to NOT report complaints, to not bring problems to the attention of the bosses.

We’ve got a lengthier post on the topic at Point of Law.com, and employment lawyer Daniel Schwartz examines the related Fair Pay Act at Overlawyered.com.  We imagine the claims, complaints and supposed solutions will flow freely tonight, so at least we can offer some corrective facts.


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