When Jerry Brown Runs the World, No Bottled Water

By July 29, 2008Global Warming

Or anything else that offends the globally attuned sensitivities of California’s attorney general. Get in Jerry Brown’s way, you will be sued!

State Attorney General Jerry Brown today warned Siskiyou County officials that they’ll face legal challenges if Nestle doesn’t address global warming in its plans to build a bottling plant in McCloud.

Citing environmental and global warming concerns in a letter to the Siskiyou County planning department, Brown said that Nestle Waters North America needs to revise its contract with the county to bottle water, even though the firm recently announced it would downsize its original plans.

“It takes massive quantities of oil to produce plastic water bottles and to ship them in diesel trucks across the United States,” Brown said in a statement. “Nestle will face swift legal challenge if it does not fully evaluate the environmental impact of diverting millions of gallons of spring water from the McCloud River into billions of plastic water bottles.”

So you can see where business might be leery of expanded authority for attorneys general in legislation, like, oh, the new CPSC bill.


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