They Should Just Be Satisfied with Poverty, Bicycles

The Washington Post continues its series on the global economics and politics of oil, today’s segment being, “China’s Cars, Accelerating A Global Demand for Fuel“:

China alone accounts for about 40 percent of the world’s recent increase in demand for oil, burning through twice as much now as it did a decade ago. Fifteen years ago, there were almost no private cars in the country. By the end of last year, the number had reached 15.2 million.

There are now more Buicks — the venerable, boat-like American luxury car of years past — sold in China than in the United States. Demand for Hummers has been so strong that starting this year, Chinese consumers can buy a similar military-style vehicle called the Predator at more than 25 new dealerships.

Lots of good data and context and little facts that make for an interesting, informative article. So the Chinese affection for Buicks goes back to Sun Yat-Sen and Zhou Enlai being driven around in classic black Buicks. Who knew?

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