The Week Ahead: The Week of July 28

By July 28, 2008General

Energy. Again. Energy! Republican will try to force votes on expanding domestic energy supplies this week. Again.

House convenes at 10 a.m. for a pro forma session and comes back at 10:30 a.m. Tuesday. After considering 47 bills on suspension (that’s a lot post offices). The floor issues for the week are H.R. 6599, military construction and veterans appropriations bill; and H.R. 1338, the Paycheck Fairness Act, a comparable worth bill. Also possible is the conference report on H.R. 4040, the CPSC legislation. For the week’s floor schedule, go to the Majority Leader’s page.

The Senate convenes at 3 p.m., with voting to start at 4 p.m with attention to S. 3297, Advancing America’s Priorities Act, a $10 billion package of bills put together by Senate Majority Leader Reid (to overcome obstruction by Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, as reported on page one today, Washington Post). More debate on energy via S. 3268, the energy anti-speculation legislation, and whatever other item serves as a vehicle. Maneuvering is expected on the tax extenders legislation, and the CPSC conference report could come up here as well.

For a full list of the week’s committee hearings, go to Friday’s Daily Digest and scroll down.

Senate Hearings: Banking Committee holds a hearing Tuesday on the regulation and oversight of the insurance industry. Commerce Committee marks up legislation on Thursday, including S. 3274, reauthorizing the Nanotechnology R&D Act. Energy and Natural Resources on Thursday examines the nation’s transmission grid, including reliability, siting and infrastructure investment. A subcommittee of Environment and Public Works on Tuesday examines EPA’s Interstate Rule, in light of the recent Circuit Court decision throwing out the rule. Finance on Tuesday examines future of U.S trade policy, including perspectives from former U.S. trade representatives. On Thursday, Finance looks at the health care provisions in the tax code. Judiciary on Thursday marks up a slough of bills, including S. 2746, the OPEN FOIA Act, and S. 2838, banning predispute arbitration provisions in nursing home contracts. Small Business on Wednesday marks up a bill to reauthorize the Small Business Innovation Research Program.

House Hearings: An agriculture subcommittee holds a hearing Wednesday on electricity reliability in rural America. Budget Committee also Wednesday holds a hearing on rising food prices. An Education and Labor subcommittee on Thursday capitalizes “The Growing Income Gap in the American Middle Class.” A Foreign Affairs subcommittee on Thursday reviews energy in the Americas. A Judiciary subcommittee Thursday holds a hearing on H.R. 5884, Sunshine in Litigation Act. House Science on Wednesday takes a look at NASA at 50 years. Small Business on Wednesday, a subcommittee hearing, “Regulatory Burdens on Small Firms: What Rules Need Reform?” The full Small Business Committee on Thursday holds a hearing, “Cost and Confidentiality: The Unforeseen Challenges of Electronic Health Records in Small Specialty Practices.” The Energy Independence and Global Warming Committee on Wednesday takes time to consider, “What’s Cooking with Gas: the Role of Natural Gas in Energy Independence and Global Warming Solutions.” Testifying are Rich Wells, vice president of energy for Dow Chemical Company, and John German, manager for environmental and energy analysis at American Honda. On Thursday, the committee’s topic is “Renewing America’s Future: Energy Visions of Tomorrow, Today.”

Joint Economic Committee on Wednesday holds hearings on solving the energy crisis.

Executive Branch: On Tuesday, President Bush travels to Cleveland where he will make remarks about energy and the economy at Lincoln Electric Holdings. On Thursday, POTUS goes to White Sulphur Springs to address the West Virginia Coal Association’s annual meeting. Commerce Secretary Gutierrez is in Minneapolis today, at Best Buy talking about the transition to 010101TV and then moderating a panel at the UofM: CEO Forum on Innovation: Drivers and Impediments. On Thursday, Treasury Secretary Paulson drives a few blocks to give Exchequer Club remarks on markets and the economy.

Economic Reports: This afternoon OMB Director Jim Nussle participates in a mid-session briefing to release the Administration’s updated budget projections. On Friday, the Department of Labor releases the July employment figures.

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