The Week Ahead: The Week of July 21

Energy! If we may be so direct.

The Senate convenes at 3 p.m. and goes into consideration the motion to proceed to  S. 3268, the energy speculation bill and all that it may entail. (Expect no votes until Tuesday.) The House meets in pro forma session today and then convenes at 12:30 p.m. Tuesday.  Bills on the floor agenda are H.R. 3221 the housing rescue, bailout, salvage bill; H.R. 3999, the bridge reconstruction and inspection bill; and the global AIDS bill.  Figure energy legislation comes into the mix, too. For the floor schedule, see here.

The Manufacturing Council meets Wednesday at the Department of Commerce. Secretary Gutierrez will speak, as will NAM President John Engler.

The latest round of WTO Doha Development Agenda talks gets under way today in Geneva. NAM’s Vice President for International Economic Affairs, Frank Vargo, is on hand, and this news release gives the NAM’s views on the session.

For a full list of committee hearings for the week, start here.

Senate Hearings: The full Senate Appropriations Committee on Tuesday marks up Stimulus II,  a second supplemental appropriations bill for FY08, focusing on infrastructure and natural disasters. On Thursday, the committee marks up appropriations for Interior, DOD and the legislative branch. Senate Environment and Public Works holds a hearing Tuesday, “An Update on the Science of Global Warming and its Implications,” hitting the White House for having “suppressed testimony.” The suppressed former Associate Deputy EPA Administrator Jason Burnett will testify. Homeland Security on Tuesday discusses energy security, with T. Boone Pickens testifying. On Wednesday, Energy and Natural Resources examines existing federal programs to reduce gasoline demand in the near term; on Thursday, the committee holds a hearing on the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Also Wednesday, the full Senate Finance Committee marks up Trade Adjustment Assistance legislation. The full Judiciary Committee holds a hearing, “Courting Big Business: The Supreme Court’s Recent Decisions on Corporate Misconduct and Laws Regulating Corporations.” Senate Finance on Thursday holds a hearing on the Cayman Islands, offshore tax issues and tax compliance, reviewing the GAO report on the subject. Also Thursday, Finance holds a hearing, “Tax and Financing Aspects of Highway Public-Private Partnerships.”

House hearings: House Education and Labor on Tuesday holds a hearing “Innovation in Education through Business and Education STEM,” including testimony from Phil Mickelson, co-founder of the Mickelson Exxon Mobil Teachers Academy, and representatives of Texas Instruments, Merck Institute, IBM and Raytheon. On Wednesday, an Agriculture subcommittee considers rural health care. Another Ag subcommittee on Thursday considers carbon sequestration. The full Financial Services Committee on Thursday holds a hearing, “Financial Market Regulatory Restructuring” with testimony from SEC Chairman Chris Cox;  also Thursday a hearing on the “weaker dollar” and oil prices. In Small Business on Thursday a hearing on economic stimulus for small business. A House Transportation subcommittee reviews aviation security. The full Transportation Committee on Thursday reviews FMCSA’s medical oversight of commercial drivers. The Health Subcommittee of Ways & Means on Thursday examines health IT.

Executive Branch: President Bush marks Colombia Independence Day on Tuesday, an opportunity to push for the U.S.-Colombia FTA. Treasury Secretary Paulson speaks Tuesday morning at the New York Public Library on the economy. Commerce Secretary Gutierrez speaks Thursday as the Consumer Electronics Association kicks off the “America Wins with Trade” bus tour.

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