The Trial Lawyers’ Favorite Candidate

Browsing through the program for the upcoming annual convention of the American Association for Justice, we see the trial lawyers have attracted prominent politicians to speak to them in Philadelphia.

Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell is on hand to welcome the thousands, the guest speaker at the opening plenary. A natural job for a governor of any host state, plus, as the program states, “First as district attorney, then as mayor of Philadelphia, and now as governor of Pennsylvania, Rendell has stood shoulder to shoulder with your clients. In fact, Rendell recently took on the insurance industry by declaring at a physician’s forum that the ‘Med-Mal crisis’ in Pennsylvania was over.”

Glad to hear it.

Sen. Arlen Specter (R-PA) is speaking, as well. The program summarizes accurately: “He has defended the civil justice system and is known for voting his conscience irrespective of partisan politics. Senator Specter is also the author of Never Give In, a newly-released book about his successful battle against cancer.”

But the big draw is the guest speaker at the Monday, July 14th, AAJ PAC Town Hall Meeting…Al Franken!

Through his comedy, books, and radio show, Franken has been a leading voice against the policies of George W. Bush, Newt Gingrich, and many others. For two decades, Franken tackled the most important issues facing this country with biting humor and quick wit which will serve the Senate well. Following in the footsteps of the late Paul Wellstone, Franken looks to continue Minnesota’s progressive tradition.

Franken had a radio show?

Oh, right.

You can understand any convention wanting to have a big name entertainer as an attraction, especially one you can count on to attack all the same people you like to attack. But he’s not just the big speaker, he’s the special attraction for the big-time trial lawyer contributors, the Platinum M Club. We assume that’s those who give the max amount to the PAC, $5,000.

AAJ PAC Platinum M Club Meet and Greet
featuring Al Franken
11:30 am–noon
Loews Philadelphia, Washington C
Please join us for an exclusive AAJ PAC Platinum M Club meet-and-greet reception featuring Al Franken. This reception, immediately before the Town Hall Meeting, will allow you to meet Mr. Franken in a more personal setting and discuss the political landscape facing civil justice candidates this fall. This new event is by invitation only for AAJ PAC Platinum M Club Members and AAJ PAC Eagles to thank them for their leadership in our campaign to elect a pro-civil-justice majority in Congress.

The AAJ’s PAC spent more than $6 million in the 2006 election cycle and is already up to $4 million or so spent in the current cycle.

Al Franken, pro-civil justice candidate…man of the people…son of Minnesota…meeting and greeting the trial lawyers who write $5,000 checks. In Philadelphia.

It’s satire!

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