Laurie David, Vulcanist

By July 9, 2008General

Ah, here’s another insight from semi-celebrity Laurie David, our guide to a new, global warming-sensitive economy. Last seen commenting on toilet paper during her tour with Sheryl Crow, David’s in Rekjavik and reports via The Huffington Post:

The most impressive fact about Iceland is that they went from a completely fossil fuel dependent nation to a completely coal independent nation. Not a single chunk of coal is burned for electricity there. Instead, they power their booming economy with renewable geothermal and hydropower (and they heat around 90% of their buildings with geothermal too). (Iceland has no nuclear plants either.) It can be done. They proved it!

Simple! We’ll just put that seismic fault over here, and the volcano gets put over there, and …

UPDATE (1 p.m.): Shoot. Greg Pollowitz beat us to it, noting the environmentally friendly smelting that happens in Iceland. He also explains how polar bears float.

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