Jet Propelled Back Home to the USA

By July 28, 2008Economy, Trade

Today’s Washington Times features a front-page story, “‘Made in USA’ starts to make a return,” covering the return to the United States of manufacturing facilities driven by high transportation costs and exchange rates, including appreciation of the Chinese yuan:

“The days are over where you just think you can go over to China to get something cheap,” said Harry Kazazian, chief executive officer of Exxel Outdoors Inc., a Haleyville, Ala., producer of outdoor recreational gear.

Exxel has been doing just that since 2005, when executives detected the beginnings of a market shift favoring homemade wares.

“It’s kind of like the light bulb goes off in your head,” Mr. Kazazian said.

“We really need to come back,” he told Exxel President Armen Kouleyan while they toured their production plants in China.

Other companies cited as examples are Firestone and Artco-Bell Corp. of Temple, Texas. The NAM’s Hank Cox and David Huether are also quoted.

Good look at an issue that’s getting more attention lately.

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