In California, an Educational Trend Going the Wrong Way

Quite a striking chart sent by our friends at the California Manufacturers & Technology Association, advocates for improved and expanded vocational education. We’ll put the e-mail from Gino DeCarlo below…


On Friday, California’s “Big 5” leaders tasked with negotiating the details and terms of a potential State Budget were hand-delivered this letter from the Get REAL coalition asking them to finally put words into action after eight years of unacceptable high school dropout rates (20 California high school students dropout every hour), decreasing real-world relevance in our classes and a growing need for technological and hands-on workers.   The letter requested that any future Prop 98 education funds growth be prioritized to at least fund a meaningful amount of career technical education (CTE) for our high school students.

[Above] is a chart showing exactly why real CTE prioritizing and action is needed.  For the past eight years, politicians have offered rhetorical support and latent action that did nothing to increase our high school students’ exposure to valuable career technical education programs.  This chart tells every reporter, legislator, manufacturer, student, parent and teacher all they need to know to understand the necessity of serious CTE reforms in California.

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