Gov. Rendell to Push Infrastructure at NGA

By July 14, 2008Infrastructure

The governors are wrapping up summer meeting of the National Association of Governors in Philadelphia today, and taking office as the new NGA chairman for the year is Gov. Ed Rendell of Pennsylvania. Each chairman gets to focus the organization on a particular issue or policy area during his term, and we’re pleased to see that Gov. Rendell has chosen infrastructure.

For the past two decades, state and local governments have been picking up more of the tab for infrastructure repair, now accounting for approximately 75 percent of all infrastructure work. The American Society of Civil Engineers estimates the national infrastructure needs more than $1.6 trillion dollars over the next five years to maintain its current status.

“If we are to fully meet this challenge we will need our federal partners to step up and make this a greater priority,” Gov. Rendell concluded.

 More from the Philadelphia Inquirer, including the phrase “federal infusion of cash.”

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