From the President’s Speech in West Virginia on Coal

By July 31, 2008Energy

President Bush addressed the West Virginia Coal Association today. Transcript of his 30-minute remarks, which highlighted clean-coal technology:

This year — I mean, since we’ve been in office we’ve spent $2.5 billion on clean coal research. Why? Because it’s a good investment to make sure that an abundant supply of energy is available and is in use for a long time coming. That’s why we’re doing it.

This year alone we’ve requested nearly $650 million in the budget for advanced coal research. It’s the largest such request in 25 years. The funding is supported — is supporting the development of technology to capture carbon dioxide emissions that come from coal. This is something the industry wants the government to do. We want us to be on the leading edge of change. We want to be able to capture CO2. These advances obviously are going to make coal more environmentally friendly. It’ll make it easier for people to say, let’s use this abundant resource.

Today my administration announced $36 million for new carbon capture projects. In other words, it’s more than just research. We’re now beginning to get into the implementation stage of promising new technologies. And eventually the technology may allow us to prevent 90 percent of coal’s carbon emissions from being released into the environment.

Department of Energy news release.

Along with politically topical remarks about opening the OCS to energy development, the President also spent some time promoting nuclear power, including the government-industry partnership for more baseload power generation, Nuclear Power 2010.  A comprehensive approach, we like to say …


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