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By July 2, 2008Trade

The USTR passes on some great news:

CARACAS, Venezuela — Colombia announced Wednesday that it had rescued 15 captives held by the FARC rebel group, including Ingrid Betancourt, a former presidential candidate, and three American military contractors held by the guerrillas for more than four years.

The rescue of the captives, who were reported to be in good health, marks a major victory in Colombia’s struggle with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, a Marxist-inspired insurgency which has been attempting to topple the Colombian government for more than four decades.
We had an opportunity to hear Chris Padilla,  Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade, speak on the U.S.-Colombia Free Trade Agreement yesterday at the Heritage Foundation. He made the economic case for the agreement above all, but asked pointedly what kind of message it sends an ally like Colombia for Congress to not even give a HEARING to the trade pact. Is Colombia’s war against its enemies inconsequential to us?
FARC is faltering. U.S. enactment of the Colombia Free Trade Agreement would be another blow, perhaps the killing one, against these anti-American guerillas, the kind of people for whom kidnapping and murder of civilians is simply a tactic. 

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