Dribs, Drabs and Drilling on Capitol Hill

By July 31, 2008Energy
  • Washington Times, “Energy compromise elusive as recess looms.”
  • Politico, “Time running out for Senate energy deal.”
  • CQ Politics, “War of Words Over Energy Policy Rages As August Recess Looms.”
  • The Hill, “Fears of a shutdown“: “The prospect of a September government shutdown loomed over the Capitol on Wednesday as the two parties fought over rising energy prices.”
  • Associated Press, “Bush Pushes For Domestic Energy Production“: “President George W. Bush will head to West Virginia on Thursday as he implores the Democratic-controlled Congress to approve more domestic energy production. He will be in coal country to tout clean coal technology, which he wants put in the mix with other green energy innovations. But Bush is also demanding once again that lawmakers lift a ban on offshore oil drilling, the third day in a row he’s gone after Democrats on the issue.”
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