Doha: A Tentative Agreement on a Path Forward…

By July 25, 2008Trade

From Genf:

Statement of Ambassador Susan C. Schwab on conclusion of Green Room meeting

July 25, 2008

“We have a tentative agreement on a path forward. There are a number of significant issues to be resolved, and each one of us have to see how the final modalities package concludes before we can pass judgment on whether to support a final modalities package but I think the biggest concern we have is that a handful of large emerging markets threaten this round for the rest of us and for the other developing countries who are so critically dependant on a successful development outcome of this development round.

“Tomorrow we take a next, vital step in the direction of what we hope will continue to be a successful modalities process, and that is in the services signaling conference. That is another basis on which the United States will assess the success of a modalities package. We look forward to that development tomorrow.

“And in the meantime, the United States will continue to play a leadership role that we have played this week. We will work with our trading partners and work with the WTO Secretariat to be a part of the solution. I look forward to seeing you over the weekend and into next week.”

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