Destroy the Secret Ballot, Change the World!

By July 3, 2008Labor Unions

John Nichols of The Madison Times, the lefty website/newspaper in Wisconsin, was really taken with the fiery rhetoric of AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Richard Trumka, speaking at the United Steelworkers annual convention in Las Vegas.

It’s an Obama-endorsement speech, and no surprise there. The striking thing was Trumka’s claim that passage of the Employee Free Choice Act will herald a sweeping, radical restructuring of the American economy.

Thanks to Nichols, we have the text of Trumka’s speech. Here’s an excerpt:

Brothers and sisters, labor market flexibility is about one thing only: it isn’t helping companies be more competitive, it’s about making unions weaker.

And, I’ll tell you one other thing: that stops the day the Employee Free Choice Act is signed!

Globalization. Small government. Price stability. Labor market flexibility.

Those are the four old worn out tires this economy’s riding on.

There’s no question that if we don’t get some new ones soon we’re headed to a disaster. But the only way that’s going to happen is if we get out of the back seat, grab the wheel and take control — and that’s what this election is all about!

To repeat: To Trumka, the enemies to be defeated are globalization, small government, price stability and labor market flexibility.

He’s opposed to price stability? Amazing.

Pass the Employee Free Choice Act, destroy the secret ballot in the workplace, and force unwilling employees into labor unions through threats and intimidation. That’s the key to ending globalization, small government, price stability and labor market flexibility.


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