Demand a Hearing

By July 11, 2008General
Following, as it does, the typical accusation-laden exercise at the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, the hearing on the environmental safety of travel trailers used in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, this story in The Federal Times strikes a humorous note. From “High levels of formaldehyde found in congressional offices“:
It’s not just FEMA trailers that have excessive formaldehyde problems. So do Capitol Hill offices. While the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee was preparing for this week’s hearing on problems with the Federal Emergency Management Agency trailers housing Hurricane Katrina victims, a Republican staff member on the committee decided to test the formaldehyde levels of select congressional offices.
Using a home test kit, staffer John Cuaderes and other staff discovered that the lounge room to the committee’s main hearing room has about the same high level of formaldehyde gas as many FEMA trailers.

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